Indonesia’s Ambassador to China: B&R can build trust between people

0 Comment(s)Print E-mail, 11 01, 2017 Thank you sir. How do you see China's role in advancing free trade and globalization?

Soegeng Rahardjo: I believe that now we are in the 21st century, China is growing up so fast, nowadays; I think China is No.2 in global economy. If China maintains 6.5 percent or 7 percent growth continuously from now for three years to come, maybe China will lead the world economy. In my view, when China becomes the biggest economy in the world, we should work together and must promote the continuous expansion of free and fair-trade as well as lead investment cooperation with all countries over the world. Our goal should be to promote an environment that is conducive for inclusive growth and sustainable development. This is very important. At least we focus on maintaining free and fair trade and strengthening the global order. In order that economical operations will benefit all, not only for one country or the other country. I believe that China also has the same views regarding to this matter. Thank you sir, my next question is about poverty alleviation, as we know over the past 30 years, China has raised 800 million people from poverty. So what are your comments on that, and what kind of experiences can Indonesia take from China in poverty alleviation or reduction?

Soegeng Rahardjo: First of all I would like to congratulate Chinese government on its success in alleviating poverty. This is one of the best success stories from China. Not only here, also at the United Nations, people talk about how China has succeeded so quickly in poverty alleviation. In only 30 years, you have reduced so much, you have given so many opportunities, you have created a middle class in China, and nowadays China is an economic super power. First China is very successful in providing education for all the people. Second you also provide health care. And third, you are also successful in providing food and water. So this is what Indonesia will learn from China -- how to expedite poverty alleviation in Indonesia. I believe through cooperation between our countries we can transfer knowledge of how China has reduced poverty effectively and efficiently. I believe we can also significantly reduce the poverty level in Indonesia.

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