Zimbabwe's Ambassador to China: BRI connects the world

Zhao Binyu
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The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is a program which is bringing every country together, big and small, developed and developing, said Zimbabwe's Ambassador to China, Paul Chikawa, in an exclusive interview with China.org.cn.

Zimbabwe's Ambassador to China Paul Chikawa

“Today’s world is one village where technology is bringing us together, so the quest for a community of a shared future must bring us together,” he said. “China is driving the BRI to bring the globe together.”

“For that to happen, we must build roads, bridges, airports, air lanes, and sea lanes. We must build cultural and people-to-people contacts, and then we can come together,” he added.

As to difficulties and challenges, he continued,“Nevertheless, in the process of bringing the globe together, difficulties, differences or challenges lie ahead. Resolving issues and identifying opportunities need dialogue instead of isolation. It’s about leaving a better world to those who come after us. In this sense, the BRI is actually the most significant initiative of the 21st century.”

Taking Zimbabwe as an example, Chikawa expressed praise for the contribution of the BRI. He said: “Zimbabwe, as a landlocked country, needs roads, railway lines, and airconnections. The BRI is opening channels to people whomight be isolated. Although there is always room for improvement, this is a very noble cause andwe support it.”

“China is standing for the rights of many people,” Chikawa added. “China is doing the same with Caribbean and Latin American countries, and is embracing dialogue with Europe, Asia-China and ASEAN-China. I will say we are very happy to see this happening because we are sure China will continue to blaze the trail and can always count on us as a genuine friend,” he said confidently.

“Africa and China will continue to work hand in hand,” he concluded. “As we do that, we do hope that the rest of the world will join in this noble cause. We want a world of harmony, where peace replaces war, with consensus and win-win results.

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