[Ambassadors on fighting COVID-19] International cooperation can change the trajectory of the pandemic

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Algerian Ambassador to China BOUKHELFA Ahcène recently indicated in a written interview that he gave with China.org.cn,he has been impressed with China’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak and he thinks that international cooperation can effectively change the trajectory of the pandemic. The full text of the exchange appears below.

BOUKHELFA Ahcène, Algerian Ambassador to China 

China.org.cn: How do you think the world’s countries should collaborate in the battle against the COVID-19epidemicas it spreads and becomes a common challenge for the international community?

BOUKHELFA AhcèneThe COVID-19 outbreak has affected more than 187 countries and regions so far, which explains the World Health Organization's decision to declare COVID-19 a pandemic. International solidarity and cooperation are crucial at this critical juncture. The global community must make real efforts to adapt to the evolving situation and change the trajectory of this pandemic.

There are several aspects to international cooperation in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, such as coordination within the World Health Organization, immediate sharing of information, exchange of research related to possible treatments, pooling of experience in managing the health crisis, capacity-building in developing countries, provision of assistance, and facilitation of the global production and distribution of medical equipment, protective items, and other necessary supplies.

The countries of the world should also avoid succumbing to widespread panic that could stand between their efforts and successfully overcoming the pandemic. Members of the international community should use effective tools to inform the general public about the best way to stay healthy, counter misinformation, and prevent all forms of racism and xenophobia. The global community can also benefit from China’s experiences as it continues to make progress in containing the spread of the virus in its territory. If it succeeds in reversing the trend, other countries can do the same.

China.org.cn: China has kept the concept of humanity’s shared future in mind, released information about COVID-19 in a timely manner, and shared its experiences related to prevention and control, diagnosis, and treatment since the outbreak emerged. What is your opinion of these kinds of efforts and contributions?

BOUKHELFA Ahcène: China’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has once again demonstrated its commitment to the concept of a shared future for humanity.

The Chinese government has regularly exchanged information with the World Health Organization and third countries in an objective and transparent manner since the outbreak emerged.

The extensive measures that Chinese authorities have taken have helped maintain public health security in China and have contributed considerably to halting the spread of the virus to other countries in the world.

China’s authorities have provided significant and diversified support to the other countries affected by this pandemic now that the situation is becoming more stable in its borders, in particular through:

-the provision of medical equipment and protective items to affected countries and regions by the Chinese central government as well as by local governments and Chinese companies;

-the sharing of Chinese experiences related to its response to COVID-19 through bilateral and multilateral mechanisms, in particular via videoconferences with experts from several regional groups around the world;

-Telephone conversations and messages of support from high-level Chinese authorities to leaders of countries heavily affected by the pandemic.

-China has shown that it is committed to restoring economic activity and maintaining the international production and distribution process chain for medical equipment, protective supplies, and other necessary items.

The support, cooperation, and coordination that China has shown and provided to the international community clearly shows that a shared future for humanity is not a simple theoretical concept but rather a legitimate goal that can be achieved through practical actions in order to satisfy the aspiration of the peoples of the world to fight global challenges collectively.

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